Change Log

– SoundCloud sharing support
– email sharing support
– set suitable default settings for Reverb
– fixed wrong autoscrolling while editing textual notes

– Reverb module has been rewritten
– Added multi-tasking support: audio can be played on the background
– Added customizable label for Sampler module
– Added option for enabling lockable buttons
– Improved reliability of WiFi connection
– Fixed bug concerning upgraders from v1.2 which could not see the new per-module quantization settings
– Fixed bug: now stopping the audio from the Tempo module resets the File Player’s file position
– Fixed bug on the Sampler’s sequencer that sometimes didn’t trigger looping clips on freshly loaded sessions
– Fixed bug on Metronome, which could damage the sound
– Fixed bug: sometimes an effect’s knob’s label could change between “lev” and “wet”

v 1.3
– possibility to record long files in the File Player, which is now called File Player/Recorder
– recordings and pasted clips in the File Player are saved to file
– iTunes File Sharing support for import/export operations
– File Player sets automatically the loop length in base of the file length
– setting to prevent the device from sleeping
– in-app link to rate Ricepad
– fixed crashing bug in pasting long files

v 1.2.1
– improved memory management
– fixed bug that could cause the Compressor module to mute the output

v 1.2
– great improvement of the audio quality perceptible while interacting with the modules
– added peak indicators
– added copy and paste functions to file player
– fixed issue on copy function that prevented certain apps from pasting
– now clearing the sequence of a sampler’s clip also stops the clip
– fixed bug that caused the FilePlayer not to save correctly the temporal offset of the playing file
– fixed bug that affected the stability of the HP filter on its initialization
– fixed bug that caused noise when using the metronome
– reduced CPU consumption of the LP filter
– other smaller fixes and improvements

v 1.1
– Added new HP filter module
– Orientation can now be flipped
– Added settings for more gestures to control knobs and encoders
– Added option to set the default quantization for each module at load time
– Added setting for disabling output kill while recording on the Microphonic Sampler
– Loop length of the Sampler can new be specified also from the front view
– Fixed graphical bug where the cursor of the XY pad could be seen out of the frame
– Manual has been updated in various parts + new “tips and tricks” section
– Smaller fixes/improvements

v 1.0.1
– Added retina display icon
– Fixed smaller issues

v 1.0
Here we go!