Every project is associated to a tempo value, set in beats per minute (BPM). You can set this value either with the Tempo module or with the File Player module, in a range within 60 BPM and 200 BPM. Remember that changing the tempo of the project will change the tempo of all the audio files that are opened in the file players.
The time signature is always 4/4. The clock button shows the current playing beat.


Most of the modules can be quantized, that is, the interactions that you perform can be set to be synchronized with the tempo of the song. For example, if the quantization time of the file player is set to 1/1, when you press play, the action will be in fact performed at the beginning of the next bar.
Every module that can be quantize has a default quantization time, that is applied every time you load it into a session. It is specified in the list of modules at load time. You can change the default quantization of a module by tapping the blue right arrow of the relative row in the module list. You can also change the quantization of a module after it has been created, through its quantization button, that is placed in its back view on the dock (push the button and release the finger onto one of the available options in the popup menu that will appear).