Files and folders

In Ricepad you can load, save, import and export documents organized by files and folders.

Documents in Ricepad

The main documents folder contains three subfolders: As described in the Sessions paragraph, two special sessions can also be found in the root folder, namely "Autosaved session" and "Current session".

File browser

Every time you need to load or save a new file, you will use the file browser (see picture). Depending on its purpose, the file browser will show only the suitable files accordingly. For example, if you want to open a file in the File Player, the browser will show only the audio files that you can load.
The file browser

Normal folders are represented by a black folder icon. Sessions, when seen as folders (that is when loading audio files), are represented by an "S"-labelled black folder icon.


Some modules support copy and paste operations, sharing the pasteboard also with other Intua-compatible applications like Beatmaker. You will be prompt to name a pasted clip as it will be saved to a file in the current session.

File transferring

You can transfer files to and from a computer in different ways:

File sharing

You can share your recordings with SoundCloud or through the Mail app. In order to share a file, swipe horizontally on the corresponding row in the file browser and tap the "Share" button that will appear. Note that the file must be placed under the User folder or the Current session folder. Note that with both methods you will actually upload a compressed (.m4a) version of the file. While the file is being compressed the audio is paused.