Ricepad has different types of controls that you can interact with in order to change the parameters.


Usually buttons will trigger when pushed, and not when released. On the settings pane you can decide to enable 'lockable' buttons, which can be locked in a particular state (pushed or released) by touching them and dragging away your finger.


Knobs are rotatory controls with a beginning and an ending point ranging an angle of 270 degrees. To rotate a knob, you have different options of interaction, that can be set in the settings pane.


These controls look and behave similarly to knobs, but they can be rotated indefinitely.


A slider is composed by a cursor and a track along which it can move. Touch the point in the track wherever you want the cursor to be moved.


Spinners are buttons that, when pushed, will increase or decrease the bound parameter by 1 unit. By holding a spinner button, the parameter will increase or decrease periodically.

XY pads

An XY pad allows to control two parameters with one finger. The value of the connected parameter is be determined by the coordinates of the touched point.