Ricepad update v1.1

The first update of Ricepad, that is version 1.1, has just been released. Most of the new features were asked by users in the forum. Here’s the list of changes:
– Added new high-pass filter module
– Orientation can now be flipped 180°
– Added settings for more gestures to control knobs and encoders
– Added option to set the default quantization for each module at load time
– Added setting for disabling output killling while recording on the Microphonic Sampler
– Loop length of the Sampler can new be specified also from the front view
– Fixed graphical bug where the cursor of the XY pad could be seen out of the frame
– Manual has been updated in various parts + new “tips and tricks” section
– Smaller fixes/improvements

Thanks to Jan den Besten for beta testing.

I’m sorry for those who particularly cared about time stretching or retina graphics, but those features still cost me more resources than those I curently have, so I have to delay their implementation.
The next update will include a great improvement of the audio during parameter changes. Also, a new sound pack is coming out, but unfortunately I’ve just broke my computer, plus I got flu, so I hope to come back working next week.

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