Ricepad was launched on 19th December 2010. I was waiting for that moment during all the previous 15 months I’d been developing this app. That’s more than a pregnancy, but fortunately I have really good friends who helped me.
Starting from Riccardo Esposito who made a very big contribution in this project, mainly by making the artworks and web design. Without him the graphics would have probably been like Pacman’s. (Not a bad idea anyway if you’re a fan of old stuff like me).
The musical content is provided by some generous musicians who chose to release some of their sounds for free, and kindly let me adapt their work for Ricepad. They are Alessandro Fiorin Damiani, Bhasmantam Productions Enterprise, Nekro, SampleScience and Marco Scherer. I’ve already published the sound packs of some of them. Thanks also to Ronnie, the kind guy running, a precious source of free sample packs.
Beta tests were performed by Rony Besprozvanny, Federico De Nardi, Damien “Deh-Noizer” Pintaldi, Daniele Piccin, Dave Travers and Adam Walker.
Thanks to my friends Gord The Rogue and the already mentioned Alessandro Fiorin Damiani and Bhasmantam Productions Enterprise for all the discussions about Ricepad and for their concerts!
Special thanks to my family for their support and the Denso group for all the past and future experiences.

Finally, no thanks to “Centro Sociale Rivolta” in Venice. I traveled 80 km to get there with a friend, just to leave some flyers to look for possible future sound designers, during a festival of independent labels. The guy at the entrance, whose name I don’t know, wouldn’t let me in if I didn’t pay the full ticket, because “Rivolta is not a bar” as he said. So I gave him the flyers, since he offered himself to help me, but it turned out that he trashed them.


  1. Dave Travers says:

    Hey Alessandro, May I be the first to congratulate you on such a fantastic application, I feel very privileged to have been invited to contribute in a small way to your project.(no bugs to be found in my Ipod 4G folks)

    I’m still understanding & experimenting, and having a very enjoyable experience with Ricepad every day, time permitting, and intend to contribute with a tune or video before long. I check Ricecode forum often, and learn more tips & tricks with pleasure. There is a great deal of yet unexplored treasures buried within the program, “Dig Deep”:)

    Wishing You & your Friends Every Success, and a Bright Future.
    From Your New Friend, Dave Travers, Songwriter/Singer in Wicklow, Ireland
    PS. Thrilled to see my name in lights haha;)

  2. Ricecode says:

    Thanks Dave! I added the link to your site on the post. Good indi music!
    I’m looking forward to see any tune or video by you! If you make some please post them on Facebook ;)

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