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“A great performance tool”

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I can’t thank enough all of you who wrote such pleasant comments! :) Love.

Great**** I am a record producer and musician. This is one of the best laid out apps i have bought to date, and that has been quite a few. With a few little additions like: core midi in/out implemented, and midi sync to lock this to my daw. Plus a simple edit sample capability, plus better EFX. I would like to see a stutter gate EFX.Other than that, this is a very musical app, that could quickly become my favorite!! I’ll give you the 5th star upon the above stated request. You guys keep up the great work. (by Rp57 – US)

Loads of fun. Barely scratched the surface! I’ve had Ricepad for a few months. It is easily the best music app that I own. The nicest thing about Ricepad is that it doesn’t take long to start tapping away and making music. My five year old can layer some beats by tapping away randomly (and with the quantization, he is never off.) But I keep uncovering new features that allow for additional layers of complexity and creativity. You can import your own music files in almost any format, find free loops and samples from the Internet (there are plenty of drum kits that come with the app), sample your own voice or guitar or whatever you want and layer it, apply a wide variety of effects, even re-sample your affected sounds live. It’s set up in a such a way as to give you instant access to musical fun, but it also allows for a deeper experience for those who want it. The developer seems responsive to customer input on his website, although I haven’t had any reason to complain. Highly recommended! (by theyeti – US)

Great app!! I was lucky enough to test Ricepad. it’s amazingly intricate & powerful but very simple to get started. A wonderful live music making experience. You won’t regret buying it. Dave Travers singer with Dangerous Dave & The Side Effects (by Dave Travers – IE)

Wow! Live resampling This is a fantastic app. Great and instant workflow…. Yet incredibly powerful. Live resampling!!!! As well as copy/paste audio from other audio apps. This developer really gets the musicality of sampling and has implemented it beautifully with appropriate interface and easy controls. And playing it is all LIVE. (by Moljen – DK)

Live Music Modular, neat to play with, load your samples.  Nice. (by Rodengod – US)

Love this app! Really neat way of working – love the creative potential – sat on the train feeding the live mic train noise through a bunch of fx, then layered a ring mod and some drum and bass samples, resampled one of the best beats I ever did, copied and pasted into another app as a loop. Genius!! Needs some kind of tempo based Lfo for filters or ‘trance gate’ to mash up ambient noise – love it!!! Really really deep app and great tutorials. (by MediaPod – GB)

Great fun Intuitive easy to use and I would say very musically useful. Cheap app nothing to fancy but it’s the way things flow together. I think this app is one of the funnest of all the iPad music apps I have tried so far. Excellent effects brilliantly simple but really really fun. After being robbed by fair light today this is a pleasant surprise. Much more stable than many apps costing ten fold. (by electronards – CA)

Ottima Veramente divertente. Ben fatta e facile da usare. Continuate cosi’. (by JoePanther – IT)

Brillant and fun (for once with a music app!) Hi. This is brillant, I got if for awhile and new today’s update is simply showing again how much the developer cares about its product. He’s also very friendly when contacted. This is not a music app, neither a toy, it’s a live music BEAST! full of power and endless fun. I mention fun because many apps nowadays for creating music are so serious looking, and no fun anymore. Ricepad is, and is cheap, working on my 2nd gen Ipod Touch. I will take it to perform live very likely. (by chantal et marco – BE)

Mmmmmm!!!Packed with Mangling Goodness! If live fx manipulation is your thing, then you best get rice pad. if you are a VST junkie like me and Artillery2, the finger, the mouth, buffeater, Luicifer2, stutteredit, etc. etc. mean anything to you then, Rice pad is for you. this thing is a lot of fun. There is much more to it than meets the eye and once youre familiar with the way it operates, you will have hours and hours of enjoyment. I do hope the dev continues to add to the greatness of this device! I’ll be using it for a performance tomorrow!!! ;) (by blortblort – US )

Ricepad Rocks! I love this App…this app would be nearly impossible to dive right in without the insanely excellent tutorials that walk you through step by step. It doesn’t do everything I wish it would, but, it does a lot more than I imagined, so it evens out. It is for performing, so you will have your fingers busy. I always feel like the timing is off on a lot of music apps, but it feels spot on here…The new custom quantize feature makes it even better. Drum and loop samplers, mic sampler, insert effects, all can be loaded up and chained along, the audio flows from left to right through the chain. And, they just feel right. There is so much to this app, it is impossible to take it all in in one sitting. My one feature request would be iPad native resolution, but the graphics are well done, and it looks fine at 2x. Any beat fiend, sample freak, or electronic musician will love this app. It is hard to think of any comparable apps out there, Ricepad is killer, at this point, they are one of a kind. (by Curiositrey – US )

Unbelievable! This app is simply amazing. It let’s you do things with your music that you would never expect. I was able to create some amazing mixes and when I showed my friends they loved it and thought that I used top of the notch software for this. The only bad thing I found about this app is that at first it may be hard to use but the developer included many tutorials to fix this problem. This app is worth it and you have to see it to believe it. We have a hit here!!! You have to get this app if you are into music effects. FANTASTIC!!! (by roby145 – CA)

Excellent. Interface soignée . Exactement ce que j’attendais : pouvoir manipuler mes sons, les séquencer , interface de dj . Le seul inconvénient : l’aide non traduite en français sinon ah oui, enfin un éditeur qui n’oublie pas les panoramiques . En live ça doit être top , reste plus qu’à remplir de sons persos et encore : on peut en télécharger gratuitement ! Enfin un programme abouti auquel il ne manque rien (by michel312 – FR)

Pretty Damn Good – Needs A Few Tweeks. Ricepad… Strange name but hey… I watched the video as in the write up, and thought on that basis I’d give it a try. Having bought more beat machines etc than you can throw a stick at, I actually like this little beat machine, it takes some time to work it all out. It does have an in built “try out” 3 part step though guide. A nice touch ;) – and something other developers could take note of. With so far 2 free sample packs to download there quite a bit to get you going and the samples are very good! Just add the “slip feature” on Pattern mode that can slip everything either left or right is a nice touch too. In fact there are so many features to this app ive not yet got to try them all out! […] The XY effect pads are a great too – I know there is a hold function (doesn’t always for me seem to hold), but i’d love to be able to record a bar of automation XY Add to that a few more patterns and a chain sequencer would be good too. Overall this great for composing industrial beats and sounds, superb thought out layout, samples, effects. For £1.19 it’s a steal! There are lots of drum/beat/sequencers that are really poor compared to this nifty little beat maker Well done! 4 stars from me! And 5 if some of the above can be added / fixed. (by iNdepthGi – GB)

Fun look at live music. Kind of bought this on a whim, just for something new to play with, and I must say it was a lot more than I was expecting. There are plenty of music apps out there that all do the same thing for ridiculous price variations, this one happens to change up the flow for a small price. Can’t wait to see what more comes out of this! (by somelamp – US)

Great app. If ur in to sample and loop music making this is great. (by ynical – US )

Awesome. I have spend lots of $$$ on music apps and usually I am disappointed and feel like I have been overcharged. With this one I feel like I didn’t pay enough and I wonder if the dev will be compensated enough for his efforts. The idea of this app is fresh and new. It’s well implemented and solid for a first release. (by Sungreens – US )

Solid. Nice approach to live modular effects/sampling here, nothing too complicated means a reliable tool for live performance… Looks like there’ll be features added to the in-app store too… Looking forward to using this live! (by heurfleur – US )



From the web


Started playing with it. Absolutely sick, really creative, really interesting workflow. 

It makes me want to put this in autechre’s hands to see what sort of madness would come out of the infinite resampling flexibility (but I’ll have to settle for myself).

I’ve always thought that creative resampling workflows were underexploited in these limited-computing devices, and this looks really promising. 

Downside so far – I think there’s some bug in the tutorials – what they describe and what you see doesn’t quite match up.

But I can already see that this will be pretty powerful/flexible. (by Anonymous at this page)

I’v got the mechanics of this thing allmost under control, and i must say the mangling possibilities are ENDLESS because of the basic sliding window concept. The usage is fidgety and needs some cleaning up. (by Brian at this page)

I’ve been playing with this thing for a few hours and I have to say this is amazing.

In terms of a limitless sound world, it’s on par with nanostudio, but along a totally different direction. 

If nanostudio is the reason of the ios, this is more like the audiomulch the ios. It’s a creative performance instrument, but you can use it to sculpt entire pieces if you learn it. In some ways it’s better than audiomulch because of the resampling capabilities.

To give you some idea of the work flow. load up a sampler with 4 trigger pads. Load up a drum kit to each trigger. Play and record a sequence (with quantize on or working off the grid). Put a decimator after that, then a dub delay. 

Feed the output of that into another sampler. Record the pattern into one of the trigger pads of the next sampler, while scraping the delay effect. Copy that new sample onto the next trigger pad and reverse it. Put both pads in a choke group. Now stop the first sampler. Now perform something with the resampled sounds.

Now add a loop with the fileplayer and cut/crossfade between the resampled pattern and the loop, add a compressor, etc., 

You guys are missing out! (by Anonymous at this page) <--- no, it's not me! What I like the most about Ricepad (Ricecode) is its developer’s friendly talks. I asked through the site’s support something and we’re now exchanging small talks. On the numerous applications I bought, few companies take the time answering musicians questions and helping through adequate helpdesk. This is a reason to buy Ricepad. Musically the sound is a good rounded and warm one, aimed to live performance I believe. I didn’t yet listen to the sound through sophisticated loudspeakers (I do not own some l@l) but on a mini Sony system, basses sound muscular and colorful. The concept of modules is best idea I saw on a music creation app for long time. There are many tweaking sound options (modules), that do fantastic job for dancefloor effects addicted and late clubers. Only miss a long time wav recorder that maybe will be on a next version. The tutorial is also very good with a fun rewarding text. (by Marc Bestgen at this page, which also uploaded a track made with Ricepad :)

Oh and don’t forget to read what Trey from wrote about Ricepad.